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The expert repair professionals at MRF Electrical Pty Ltd know how important it is for homeowners to know everything about a repair or installation before calling an electrician in Brisbane. You probably have the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the thermostat, air condition repairs, electrical sockets and fuses, ceiling fans, and renovations. If you have a specific query in mind, email us or talk to our customer service representative. Our Brisbane electricians are also available to offer solutions in-person.

Having dealt with so many customers, we have realised that most people look for Brisbane electrical services guidance. The following detailed information will assist you and provide you with expert advice and solutions for your queries.

Which Air Conditioning Units Are the Best?

Aussie weather is slightly toasty at its peak and does require the cool breeze provided by an air conditioner. In summer, the stuffy hothouse starts to feel uncomfortable, and it becomes imperative that you cool down the house so that you can have a good night’s sleep.

When talking about the best air conditioning unit, we refer to the AC’s design and not the brand. Different types of air conditioners are installed based on a house’s square footage and a homeowner’s budget. With words like “refrigerant,” “BTU,” “portable,” “split unit,” and “standalone” might confuse and make the buying process more difficult. Not all air conditioners fit in every home. A 2-story house requires a bigger unit that circulates the air effectively, whereas a single-story house with less space can make do with a split system.

Our Guide To Choosing
The Right Aircon For You

This guide will help you decide what type of air conditioner you need for your house and how it will benefit you. Before we begin, let’s take a look at the list of “Top 10 AC Brands”:





















Types of Air Conditioners

Central/ Ducted Air Conditioner


This is one of the most common types of air conditioners. Best suited to large homes, a central air conditioner cools multiple rooms in a house simultaneously. The AC’s cool breeze is split by ducts connected to all the rooms in the house. This is why often, this AC is also called a ducted system.
A central air conditioner has two units ― one is placed outdoor and comprises the compressor and condenser. The second is placed indoor, which includes the air handler and coils. The AC system itself is concealed behind the walls, and the duct system is mostly installed in the basement. Like any other air conditioner, this one also uses a refrigerant for cooling the house. The AC is operated through a thermostat and can be controlled remotely.

Pros of a Central Air Conditioner
  • It cools the entire house and that too in a short time
  • The circulated cold air lowers the humidity level and makes the indoor environment more comfortable
  • It makes the least noise, which is limited to the click of the thermostat
Cons of a Central Air Conditioner
  • The installation can be quite costly and time-consuming. If the duct is not properly insulated, the house might not cool properly
  • Higher energy bills
  • Problems in the duct might affect the efficiency of the AC

Split System Air Conditioner

A split air conditioner also comprises of two units ― the outdoor unit is a condenser and compressor, and the indoor unit is mounted on the wall. This ductless AC system is connected through a tube with refrigerant circulating in it.
Pros of a Split Air Conditioner
  • Ideal for small homes and individual rooms
  • Easy installation
  • More efficient and quiet than portable units
  • Installing multiple air conditioners allows you to control the temperature of each room
  • Lower energy bills than a central air conditioner
Cons of a Split Air Conditioner
  • Tend to be more costly than standalone units

Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners are also known as standalone air conditioners. All the components are placed together, and no installation of individual units is required. All you need to do is plug-in the AC, and it will start working.
Pros of a Portable Air Conditioner
  • No installation required
  • Can be easily moved into any room
  • Comes in all sizes
  • Cheaper than split air conditioners
Cons of a Portable Air Conditioner
  • Cannot be used to cool larger rooms
  • Tend to be noisy

Window Air Conditioners

Like a portable air conditioner, a window air conditioner is also great for cooling individual rooms. Ideal for single-story homes, there was a time when this AC was called the champ in cooling units. This unit is also mounted on the wall like a split system. The only difference is that the condenser is installed right behind it, outdoor.
Pros of a Window Air Conditioner
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Less costly than split systems
  • Great at cooling small rooms
Cons of a Window Air Conditioner
  • Quite noisy
  • Destroys the aesthetic appeal of the house from outside
  • Must be installed in a place close to an electrical outlet
  • High energy bills
And there you have it ― the most common air conditioning units installed in residential and commercial settings.

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What to Ask When Hiring an Electrician?

Whether you plan to get some renovations done on your house or fix the electrical problems that a wing in the house is experiencing, you need to choose your electrician in Brisbanewisely. To ensure that you receive quality service, hire a professional working in an organisation over an amateur running solo. Know the difference between an apprentice, a journeyman, and a master electrician.
As the name says, an apprentice is a Brisbane electrician who assists the professionals. A journeyman has put in the hours to receive the electrician license. While they can perform repairs and do an installation, but they don’t have total autonomy. Lastly, a master electrician has done it all and can do any type of repair. In fact, they direct journeymen working under them but have complete electrical authority.
MRF Electrical Pty Ltd. is a master electrician and employees licensed journeymen. One thing we can assure you is that you won’t regret choosing us.

Following are a couple of questions you should ask when hiring an electrician in Brisbane:
Are you licensed?
The first and the most important question that you need to ask the company is whether it is licensed to operate in the state or not. The license will tell you whether you are working with a journeyman or master electrician. You can then ask for their services accordingly.
Do you charge hourly or have a fixed rate?
An hourly charge is great for small jobs, whereas a fixed rate gives you the peace of mind that you will have to pay a certain amount no matter how long the repair IS installation takes. MRF Electrical Pty Ltd. offers a free quote for your ease. You will know the entire cost of the service beforehand and won’t be hit with surprise charges later.
How much experience do you have?
Experience always matters! Many electrical companies in Brisbane mention that they have been working for decades in the industry. Don’t take their word for it. Check their ABN details to make sure what they are saying is true.
Will you obtain the permit for a renovation or major electrical repair?
If you are planning to re-wire your whole house or add an extra wing in your house, you will need permission from a state inspector. Obtaining these permits can be quite difficult, so make sure to ask the Brisbane electrician whether he will do this on your behalf or not.
Do you offer service guarantee or product warranty?
A product’s warranty will be provided by the brand. As for service guarantee, make sure the company offers it in writing.
Can you provide references?
The best way to judge a Brisbane electrician’s quality of work is to ask the people who previously hired their services.
Do you do a safety inspection after the repair or installation?
Once the job is done, it is imperative to find out if your devices or electrical outlets are performing well. This is where a safety inspection comes and ensures that there won’t be any accidental fires due to sparks.
Are you insured?
Electrical work is always dangerous. Never hire the services of a Brisbane electrician who is not insured! The liability is too high, which is why they should have insurance coverage of at least $500,000.

What Are the Smoke Alarm Laws in Queensland?

According to Queensland Government, the new smoke alarm legislation requires all homes to be installed with interconnected photoelectric (AS 3786-2014)smoke alarms on all levels by 2027. These smoke alarms respond to different types of fires, particularly to dense smoke and smoldering fires, which are common in households. The reason why all the alarms need to be interconnected is that they will sound together. This will give the residents extra time to make it out safely.

The Staged Approach

  • From 1st January 2017, all new dwellings and substantially renovated dwellings, should have photoelectronic smoke alarms, existing ones that were manufactured 10 years ago should be replaced, and the ones that failed the operation test should be changed.
  • From 1st January 2022, all domestic dwellings, sold and leased, must have photoelectric smoke alarms.
  • From 1st January 2027, any type of domestic dwelling should have photoelectric smoke alarms. The alarm should have a hired-wired and non-removable battery; it must be installed in every room (including the basement and attic) and should be less than 10 years old.
Recommended Locations for Installing the Alarms
Where practicable, install them on the ceiling. Do not place them: within 400mm of the vent of an air-conditioner within 300mm of a light fixture within 400mm of the blades of a ceiling fan

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