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All electrical services need to be provided by a licensed electrician who knows what a faulty wire or “hot joint” can do to a house. Most property owners try to troubleshoot electrical problems on their own, which might save a buck but can lead to tragedy in the blink of an eye. MRF Electrical Pty Ltd. believes that all electrical work should be left to licensed professionals to reduce any possibility of electrocution or damage to your home or appliances. This is why we provide both Brisbane electrical installation and repair services to ensure that your house stays bright all day, every day.

Having worked for more than a decade in this industry, we at MRF Electrical Pty Ltd. understand that not everyone lets a stranger into their house. It’s your sanctuary, and you only want someone trustworthy to take care of the problems you are facing. Our years of experience speak the greatest testimony to the work we do. We have a long list of clients who continue to remain loyal to us by calling MRF Electrical Pty Ltd. for their electrical needs.

Our range of services is vast, including residential and commercial new builds and fit-outs, air conditioning ducted and split system repairs and installations, general electrical repairs, and more. We offer them at affordable prices.

Our mission is “To Meet Your Every Electrical Need.” We can stay true to this mission by ensuring that whenever you call us for our electrical services in Brisbane, we offer timely and professional services.

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Ceiling Fan Installation

Giving You a Hand to Keep Your House Cool

MRF Electrical Pty Ltd. is the right place to get all your electrical work done at an affordable price, and that includes Brisbane ceiling fan repairs and installs. We offer our services for households and businesses at a reasonable cost so that you choose us for your future electrical needs.

When it comes to ceiling fans, most people get them installed to lower their energy bills. We agree that this mechanical device is great for your house but only if you choose the right one. Depending on your room’s height and width, you should pick a ceiling fan in Brisbane that will be the perfect fit. Meaning ― it will be high enough that your fingers won’t get caught in the blades when you raise your hand and spread cool air in the room evenly.

Benefits of Ceiling Fans Brisbane North

  • Provide better efficiency by increasing airflow
  • Low energy bills
  • Circulate warm air during winter
  • Add an aesthetic touch to your room
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Organize Your Ceiling Fan Brisbane Installation

Are you looking for a professional to install your ceiling fan? Just call MRF Electrical Pty Ltd., and we will be at your service today and now! If you are having trouble choosing a fan for your room, drop us an email mentioning your room’s dimensions, and we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction and offer a free installation quote.
Our Ceiling Fan Brisbane Electricians Can:
  • Tell you exactly what size fan you should install in your room
  • Install the fan where there are no fixtures
  • Replace ceiling light with a fan
  • Modify your fan by adding a lighting feature to it
  • Install outdoor ceiling fans
  • Repair common ceiling fan issues
When you book an appointment with us, one of our electrician contacts you to confirm the installation date at your convenience.


Adding More Than Just a Fresh Coat of Paint to Your House

Are you planning to change your living space? A great way to improve your property’s value is to make some small renovations that will make the rooms look brighter and more spacious. From dull and drab and to sparkling and sunnier, MRF Electrical Pty Ltd. can completely transform any room’s look. Add a luxurious feel to your bathroom by simply changing a light fixture or make your dining room look more inviting by adding a chandelier.

Our team of professionals also includes construction experts who have extensive knowledge on renovations and extensions in Brisbane regarding electrical work. So, if you have recently added an extra wing to your house and are looking for someone to direct you on making your living spaces look livelier, then call MRF Electrical Pty Ltd.

How We Do It

A Design Visit to Bring Your Vision to Life
Initial analysis for your renovations in Brisbane will start with our project manager figuring out what you need from us. You can share your ideas and show us photographs or any other visuals that might help us plan. Here’s how MRF Electrical Pty Ltd. helps with renovations and extensions in Brisbane:
Your ideas converted into hand-drawn plans that show what your space will look like.
What you need to do to prepare your house for the renovations, so the process goes smoothly.
What you can expect from the builder and how they will tackle the project.
Cost of fixing any unforeseen complications and the accessories that you will have to buy.
The money and time it will take to complete the project. An estimate helps people make other plans.
Recommendations for other services and electrical work that will suit your project.

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We offer a 24/7 Emergency Electrician Callout, Brisbane Northside Electrician, Commercial Electrician Brisbane, Air Conditioning Brisbane Northside and more to ensure you will never be caught in the dark!

Smoke Detector Installation and Repair

The Spell of Protection You Need for Your House

Ever planned fire drills with your family? This is a great way to find out whether your smoke detector is working properly or not and whether your family members know what to do in an emergency. If you don’t hear that blaring sound, you need to call an electrician immediately to the device fixed immediately.

There are several kinds of smoke alarms, and our Brisbane electricians know how to repair and install them all. Based on your house’s square footage, we can tell you exactly what type you need.

At MRF Electrical Pty Ltd, we have offered thousands of families’ safety through our smoke detector installation and repair services. Often, these devices fail due to expired batteries. As a result, when the smoke detector malfunctions, annoyed homeowners disconnect it. To prevent this from happening, we will connect the device with your home’s power grid so that it has backup. This way, your house will be protected completely.

Our Smoke Detector Installation and Repair Services Include:
  • Battery replacement
  • Cleaning and repairing the smoke detector
  • Decibel testing
  • Smoke test to confirm that the detector is working effectively
  • Replacement of expired or faulty units
MRF Electrical Pty Ltd. goes the extra mile for its customers. If you are not sure that your smoke detector is up to code, we can provide you with the property records, so you can see for yourself if your house is compliant with the current legislation, including the device’s position with Australia’s Building Code.

Long-Term Safety

Fire Checkups for You Anywhere, Anytime
MRF Electrical Pty Ltd. recommends that you get your smoke detector in Brisbane inspected routinely and replaced it after every 10 years. Knowing that the device remains in working condition 24/7 will give you peace of mind. We offer our customers a peaceful night’s sleep with the confidence that their house and family members are safe.

New Homes

Helping You Create a Better and Powerful Sanctuary

Are you tired of searching for a Brisbane electrician and wasting your time with amateurs? If your experience with electrical repairs and installs include no shows, countless excuses and delayed arrival, you have been asking the wrong people for service. Paying extra for someone who doesn’t do a good job is a waste of your hard-earned money.

You should call MRF Electrical Pty Ltd. for such situations. We know how certain electricians force their suggestions on you and are only concerned with making a quick buck. That’s not the case with us! Our professionals help you make your new house your HOME but offering you what you desire. We know how to do all kinds of electrical jobs, from new light fixtures to conveniently placed sockets and connecting smart systems. We are fully licensed and experienced to perform complicated repairs and installs. One thing we can guarantee is that when you choose, we will deliver our best!

Our Brisbane Electrical Services for New Homes Include:
  • Complete electrical wiring
  • Heavy upgrades dealing with devices and appliances using 200 amps
  • Restoring power to outdated and dead fuse boxes, electrical panels, and outlets
  • Installing new fans and lighting
  • Fixing tripped GFCI outlets
  • Repair overheating electrical panels and circuit breakers
  • Installing surge protection for the whole house

We Care About Your Energy Bill

Due to increasing electricity costs, homeowners are always on the lookout for devices that lower their energy bill. We keep this consideration in mind while providing our services. Strategically installed Brisbane ceiling fans and sustainable lighting options are two things that help you manage your electricity bill. From warmth to light, technology, water and entertainment, functions of all these essentials depend on wiring and outlets. So, choose your Brisbane electrician wisely.

Electrical Auditing/Inspections

The Loss Prevention Assist You Need Right Now!
MRF Electrical Pty Ltd. offers electrical safety auditing and inspection services in Brisbane for residential properties and, industrial and commercial buildings. We primarily assist with electrical regulatory requirements to increase the safety quotient, so you don’t experience loss of efficiency and costly bills.
Electrical Audit Objectives

An electrical audit Brisbane helps prevent loss of life, productivity and property. MRF Electrical Pty Ltd. is dedicated to providing the best solutions for your household or place of business so that you can identify the problem areas and take steps to rectify them.

Our electrical audit and inspection services include:

  • Providing the top management with the facility’s current status regarding all electrical work
  • Spotting potential hazards and then recommending suggestions on how to make improvements
  • Diagnosing on-going losses the facility is facing
  • Identifying areas or vulnerability or risks, deterioration of standards, potential accidents in important departments and hazards
  • Recommending measures for electrical safety and improvement
  • Ensuring that the safety efforts put in by our electricians Brisbane were successful

Risk Management Services

The highly experienced and trained electricians Brisbane at MRF Electrical Pty Ltd provide independent consultancy and expert advice so that your wiring complies with regulations. We offer bespoke electrical work to our clients and assure you that all advice offered will be completely impartial.

We work closely with Market Operators, Distribution Businesses and Regulators to make sure that you are safe. Our electrical auditors Brisbane perform inspections and audits on electrical assets and guarantee we’ll do everything as per your specifications.

Here’s what we offer for residential and commercial electrical audits:

  • On-site inspections for Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), Electrical Installation Certificate (ECI) and Minor Works Certificate (MWC)
  • Desktop auditing
  • Emergency lighting servicing
  • Project management
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