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Switchboard & Metering Alterations

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Brisbane Electrical Switchboard & Metering Alterations

Cost-Effective Switchboard & Metering Alterations

Our Brisbane electricians provide switchboard & metering services, including consulting, maintenance and repairs, alterations and additions, and construction of both custom and modular type tested switchboard assemblies. 

Our clients include small and large businesses, consultants, property owners, and electrical contractors, and we service all areas of Brisbane. 

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best solutions delivered with minimal disruption, on time, and to budget. Our switchboard & metering alteration services include:

One of the most important electrical safety mechanisms in modern homes is called a residual current device, or RCD. 

Also known as a safety switch, these devices can detect a minute imbalance of current between the active and neutral cables of a circuit. In 300 milliseconds or less, this imbalance triggers the switch to throw, cutting off electricity flow. 

These devices are a must-have. Hence why they are a requirement in new installations. 

Check your switchboard now. If you do not have RCDs installed, call MRF Electrical to rectify this as soon as possible. 

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These devices are specifically designed to protect the people – including children – in your home. Ensure you protect your family from some of the most common electrical faults with a simple, fast, and affordable installation of safety switches.


  • New/upgrade Switchboards
  • Surge Protection Devices
  • Switchboard Extensions for additional circuits
  • Design, Consultation, and installation for underground wiring
  • Switchboard Audits
  • Mains and Metering
  • Tariff wiring
  • Circuit Modifications
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Replace fuses with circuit breakers and RCDs
  • And more


  • Power Factor Correction
  • Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) installations
  • Generator Installations
  • Transfer Switches
  • Load shed devices
  • Control wiring upgrades 
  • Replacement parts
  • Timers/PE cells and other automation
  • And more

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What Is the Function of a Switchboard?

 A switchboard consists of various electronic apparatus used to operate and control electrical circuits. A switchboard’s function is to transmit electricity from one source to another, making it the nerve center of your home or business’s electricity supply.

 When the main switchboard is outdated or not fit for purpose, it can be dangerous and unreliable, resulting in inconvenient and costly power outages, fires, or even death.

Six common components of upgrading and replacing a switchboard include:

1. Switchboard

In a residential environment, an electrical switchboard or meterbox is usually the first point of contact between your main electrical supply entering your property from the street and the sub-circuit wiring of your home. The switchboard houses apparatus needed to safely control the flow of electricity to your home’s internal wiring providing you power for your lights and outlets.

2. Circuits

Switchboards are where our final subcircuits originate. A circuit can be any wiring installation used to provide power for the end user.

3. Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are devices located inside a switchboard that interrupt or switch the flow of electricity through to a subcircuit.  Circuit breakers can detect when a circuit is drawing too much current for the size of the wiring used. If too much current is pulled through the circuit the wiring will become hot and in some cases lead to a fire. Once the circuit detects this overload or overcurrent, it interrupts the power supply before any damage is done to the wiring.

4. Residual Current Device

RCDs or safety switches are used for the sole purpose of protecting the end user. In contrast to a circuit breaker whose job is to prevent damage to the installation, an RCD is designed to interrupt the power supply under a fault condition preventing the user from receiving an electric shock. Under normal circuit operation, the amount of current flowing through the active cabling should be the exact same as whats brought back on the neutral. 

Under a fault condition, a broken wire, device, or other fault can lead to current flowing through the earthing system of the installation. As the current is no longer coming back on the neutral, the RCD interrupts the power supply in such a time before irreversible damage to the person can occur.

5. Controls And Automation

Some electrical systems contain a certain degree of automation. This can be as simple as a timer or photo electric cell controlling the timing of external lighting, all the way to complex wiring installations used to control home automation systems.

6. Single & Three Phase Busbars

Some switchboards contain busbars. Busbars are strips of aluminum or copper, used to transmit high electrical current through a switchboard. Busbars connect incoming power supply to the internal switchgear — a combination of electrical components such as circuit breakers, fuses, RCDs and more, used control and de-energize equipment in certain circumstances.

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